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    CS6 crashing when exporting


      Help!  I upgraded to CS6 on my computer at work and now I cannot export any of my ID files that were created in CS5.  I did all of the recommended fixes that I could find and they all failed.  Basically, ID crashes the minute I hit Ok on the export window.  Soooo...I installed the Mac version on my new Mac at home and the same thing happens.  I read that there has been a problem with Acrobat 30 days after installation, so I installed CS6 on my new laptop just now and the same thing happens. I created a new file in CS6, exported and it worked fine.  ALL of my work files are in CS5 or below... do I have to go back to CS5 in order to work with them?

      I am running Windows 7 on both the PC and the Laptop