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    basic actionscript help

      i confess, i am a newbie. i have been working with a template, modifying it to my needs. i have ran into an actionscript code that i cant seem to find the reference to in the books. it is: _root.G

      can someone point me toward the proper reference material to read up on this?
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          clbeech Level 3
          '_root' is a reference to the main or lowest level of the timelines in the file, but this is missleading at time because if one swf is loaded into another, a call to '_root' in the loaded swf, will reference the main timeline of the loading swf.

          'G' will be an instance name of an Object in the templet.
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            fermp Level 1
            Basically the "_root" part of the script references your main timeline. Meaning your not inside a symbol but you are working directly on the main timeline. So what you are probably doing here is referencing a movie clip on the main timeline with the instance name "G".

            For example, if I wanted to tell a movie clip named G sitting on my main timeline to start playing from frame label startHere I would write the following code: _root.G.gotoAndPlay("startHere");