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    Trouble with Motion Tween (Can't find answer)




      I've been having trouble using a motion tween in an animation I'm creating. I have an object (a cartoon character's talking head) that I'm trying to move along a motion tween. At one point I want to make him stop moving for a beat, then continue. However, when I have two keyframes in the same place, the object will move up and down between the two keyframes that have the same position and rotation. When I click on the tween's path, I don't see anything that would make the object move (at least I don't think so, it's a small movement),


      I looked around and couldn't find any fixes on the interwebs. However, it does seem similar to the "boomerang effect" of motion paths in AE. Especially since it appears to only happen when I make the motion paths into a curve.


      I'm using Flash CS4.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!