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    Is there a way to change the color of a linked eps or ai file in InDesign?

    David Ensign 1

      I have a questionaire form that I'm placing in several documents. I need it to be exactly the same in all instances except that it occurs in 4/c on some docs and 1/c (black) on others.


      It'd be best to have all the Indesign files link to the same eps (or ai, or eps) file so that I know any change to the text of the linked questionaire will be reflected on all of the InDesign docs. But I don't think InDesign will let me change the color of the text and other filled or stoked elements of eps, ai, or pdf files.


      I can change a these in a grayscale tif file. But rasterising the questionaire at a high dpi somewhat defeats the live update feature I'm trying to add here (and bloats my file size).


      Could the fact that I can't change the document color mode to grayscale in AI be a factor here?


      Thank you for your time!