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    Can't Alt+double click to open an image?

    Kar209 Level 1

      hello:                                                                                                             Level: Newbie  Id:Cs6  Os:Win8


      i have read that Win8 is compatible with Id, Ps and Illy (i'm not sure about the other CC apps but i hope they are too)


      however, while following a vid tut by Terry White ~ he directed me to click on an image and to then hold the Alt key while double clicking to open it in full(er) view but when i did this the image opened in Windows Photo Gallery


      well, earlier i had gone to Default Programs and set Windows Photo Gallery as the default to open images ~ not knowing it would prevent Id from functioning or that it would override (apparently) everything else (yes, i am pretty new to OS's in general too) i did this b/c when i would go to my Pictures folders and click on an image to view it was opening in some AWEFUL program that depixelated (<is that a word?) /made my pics/images look just terrible.


      so, i called Microsoft and the man that was trying to help me said that i had to go to "Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program" and then i had to choose Each and Every Single File Type (.png, .jpeg, .tiff etc etc) for Each and Every Application (Adobe or not) and "Associate" that File Type with the Application i need for it to open ... um ... caugh caugh ... just a moment .... SCREAM!! uh, what? Really?


      Dear goodness ... please say it ain't so!! please?? (lol)


      so, is this really the deal? or does anyone else think i may have been directed incorrectly?


      i went back to Default Programs to remove Windows Photo Gallery as the Default program but i am not seeing where that is an option.


      i totally understand this isn't help for Windows8 forum but IF anyone has experince w/it and is willing/able to help me out i would also greatly appreciate any advice you may be able to lend. i do plan to go run around the net after i'm done here to look for (a needle in a haystack) help in a Win8 forum (yikes & wo is me)


      oh, also the (nice) man at Microsoft couldn't tell me if i went ahead and did this rather Windows Photo Gallery would still open my Pictures or not or if it would return to that awful preview program i began with in the 1st place.


      this was my very 1st time using InDesign and i would really like to start learning it. does anyone know why i cannot Alt+2's click & then have the image open like it's suppose to? or even how i go about telling Windows8 to please let Id ALSO open the files the way it wants?


      sorry for such a long post. i have been through a nightmare episode just ordering my new laptop and now Win8 seems to be creating an entire season


      thanx so very much in advance for your time and efforts. i will also continue my quest for answers and should i find 'em i will certainly return to share and post links.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Most ID users prefer to have Edit Original open Photoshop, so you should be able to go back to Default Programs, select Photoshop, and associate it with the image types of your choice.

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            Kar209 Level 1

            sorry, i am not sure what you mean by associating it w/Ps but i will figure it out somehow. ty.


            here is what Terry White is showing to do ...


            http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-evangelists-terry-white/how-to-get-started-with-adobe-inde sign-cs6-10-things-beginners-want-to-know-how-to-do/


            and it's at roughly ... 12 minutes ... okay, so my bad ... indeed Terry does do the Alt + double click to open the image in Photoshop but rather than it opening in Ps it opens in Windows Photo Gallery.


            Maybe i just hate Windows 8 and am too use to 7 b/c it seems to me that things are so different and not in an good or intuitive way.


            i'm just so confused and Microsoft hasn't been any help. Their forums are so huge that i can't find my way around too well and also there are so many problems it seems that IF someone answers me it'll be quite a wait.


            do you know if i will really have to associate every single file type with evert application i decide/want to install? just wondering if you know or if anyone here knows. thank you.


            okay, wait a sec ... so before this Alt + double click on an image thing to open it in Ps i must first associate .png, .gif, .jpeg, .tiff etc ect ect??


            i just don't get it


            ps. i just checked and NONE of the Adobe applications ie: Ps, Illy or Id or listed in the Default Programs list ????

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I'm still on Windows 7, so I don't know the details for setting defaults in Win8, but my presumption is it's probably similar to what you do in Win7.  Try opening Control Panel and see if there's a listing for Default Programs, then see if there is a link for "Associate a file type or protocol with a program." You can use that to set the default program to open your images.

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                Kar209 Level 1

                Hello Peter:


                first of all, i cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my long venting and rather confusing post you ARE awesome!


                so, i am sorry to say that i, as of yet, have been unable to unweave the tangled mess in my head ... re: the whole Default Program and Associate File Type thingy ...


                i suppose in not really knowing what questions to ask ... due to my ignorance re: OS's in general and such i've been unable to find an end to the means or the means to the end ... ??


                so, sometimes in life we must just know when to let go ... and w/that i used the "Refresh" option w/in my laptop and it reset my puter to pretty much the day it came outta the box


                i am totally unaware how i managed (probably by the grace of some computer deity that decied to have mercy), but after the Refresh process and my having reinstalled everything

                     when i went to my Pictures folders and clicked on an image Windows Photo Gallery did open them for preview ...


                and when i went to InDesign ... unlike before, when i Alt + 2x's clicked on an image a dialog opened with a list of applications to use to open the image!! YEA!!!


                i am just so sorry that i do not seem to have an actual answer for others that may be experiencing this problem. however, if i am ever able to piece things together i will certainly return here to share what i have learned.


                the nice man at Microsoft still has my head spinning as to why he thought i would need to Associate each and every type of file format with each and every application. not to mention that he couldn't answer me as to ... if a file type is set as a Default to be opened by say ... Photoshop ... would this prevent that particular file type from being opened by every other program/application.


                i will continue my quest and luak (let u all know) what i find


                be well and take care everyone. i hope all of you know how much i appreciate your time

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Normally you have a choice ( and you may have missed it before) if you right click an image or select from the Links panel context menu of choosing Edit Original, which uses the OS association, and Edit With, which give you a list of editing programs installed on the system. I don't use the Alt + double-click shortcut myself, so I don't really know what the expected behavior would be. You can probably remap it, though, to whatever you like, using Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts... and creating a custom set.

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                    Kar209 Level 1



                    thanks a bunch!! and yes, i certainly may have missed it before i can do that often as i have at least a million different things going on. i'm trying to catch up on the last 15 yrs of computer technology all the while trying to learn as much of the CC as possible.


                    i really appreciate your patience w/me and you willingness to lend a hand


                    i'm working my way through the Toshiba manual. it's my 1st Toshiba and more than likely my last ... b/c it seems there is an AMD issue but from what i've gathered the AMD fix for the bug issue isn't available for Toshiba, Sony and one other. but then again, w/everything i've read i could be missing/misunderstanding that too


                    back to my quest

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      What's the AMD problem? I loved my Toshiba laptop (Intel chip in that) but it aged out. My current desktop uses an AMD processor without any issues...

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                        Kar209 Level 1

                        hello peter


                        thank you so much for asking as i am quite ready to send my laptop back to where it once came


                        well, as i understand it there is a bug with the AMD Graphics card


                        when i try to draw a shape, add a new layer, use the alt key to "cut" the line of the pen tool the canvas goes totally black and i cannot use the filters or the 3D tools. also, the bg area behind the canvas changes from dark grey to black to transparent


                        all of the above are reasons why i saved for 3 yrs to buy a new laptop w/a decent graphics card and it's just totally bum'n me out


                        if i understand correctly it's an issue between the AMD and Windows 8 ~ so as of now i am thinking i should either send it back or get rid of Win8 and install Win7 but actually now that i think of it i dunno if Win7 will correct the AMD issue or not but i think it would.


                        at first i thought the issues were Adobe related and not as i seem to have found


                        my laptop is a Satellite S875-S7376 the gpu is an AMD Radeon HD 7670M, the hard drive is 1TB, i7, and it has 8GB ram, 64bit, Windows 8


                        i went to AMD's website and if i understand correctly there is a "fix" that is helping somewhat but NOT for Toshiba notebooks, Sony and Panasonic and AMD is no longer releasing updates every month but only when they feel they have good enough reason to do so.


                        i've been unable to find an idea of when AMD thinks they'll have a fix for Toshiba and i've only got under 2 weeks to return this laptop


                        i tried to install something called the AMD Catalyst or maybe it's ATI Catalyst Mobility but was told it could not be installed due to incompatible hardware/software on my computer


                        i just wish i could get back to work and decide what would be the best thing for me to do


                        i seem to be making some folks upset b/c i keep trying to chase down an answer/solution. for instance i didn't realize that the problem i am having is called Flickering and so i had posted again about it at photoshop.com and was given a lashing about how i was already told this and that.


                        i was also told that the solution is to just set Photoshop to Basic Draw Mode ... but that is my whole point as i don't want to have to use Ps in Basic mode as the entire idea of investing in a better computer was to be able to enjoy the bells and whistles


                        if you've got any ideas or you know of a solution or even if you've heard of one rolling on down the road i would greatly appreciate anything at all that you could share with me


                        sorry if i ramble a bit much i'm just frustrated beyond the point of clarity


                        thanx again so much for your time & efforts!!

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          It would help if you could point me to some links about this...  Is the problem with the video driver itself, or the Catalyst application that AMD like to install? I've been a fan of Radeon cards for years, but I have no use at all for Catalyst and never install it. In my experience it is nothing but trouble. You may be able to disable it for testing purposes by running the System Configuration Utility and looking in the startup items. If you see it, uncheck it, reboot and see if things improve. If they do you can uninstall it.

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            Hmmm...  It may not be possible to not  install catalyst when using the driver package from AMD, and I do see a note about the latest release NOT being compatible with Toshiba, but there are some drivers listed on the Toshiba site, three versions all from 2012. You might ask someone who knows about this stuff to try to help you with rolling back to an earlier driver and see if that works. If you were local, I'd help you here, but I won't do it long distance because I can't do any of the precautionary steps from here like making a ful backup. Using the wrong drivers can do really bad things and you need to know what you are doing and plan for failure.

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              It also looks like there were some BIOS updates that address some AMD video issues, though not necessarily the problems you are describing One of them does specifically refer to a flicker issue, though).

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                                Kar209 Level 1

                                Peter ... thank you for sticking with me on this ... i owe you BIG time & when this is resolved if there is ever ANYTHING at all i can do for you please don't hessiate to ask.


                                i am going to read your post and then go back through my History and Bookmarks to post links


                                thank you for your kindness!!


                                http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/raid_windows.aspx    < this is a link to the AMD website about chipset driver updates. would you take a peek and lmk what you think? is it what i need?


                                DIRECTX_Info.png1st image is of my system


                                Display.pngDisplay info


                                i don't know if either will help but there ya have it


                                here is a link to the the windows 8 forum where you can see the replys i was given  http://www.eightforums.com/graphic-cards/6534-latest-amd-catalyst-graphics-driver-windows- 8-a-8.html#post231414


                                here is the info about the driver version installed on my computer:


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                                  Kar209 Level 1

                                  in the interim ... where oh where did you see an update for the BIOS that does address the flicker issue? was it on the Toshiba site? course, i'll go check again.


                                  i am no good w/computer OS's ... so is installing a BIOS update difficult? or should i go to someone i know?


                                  i have already backed up the Toshiba on disc and with Norton

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                                    Kar209 Level 1

                                    ps. i have no idea what the Catalyst is ... it's just something i saw on the AMD website


                                    i just read a response in the Eightforums (re: Win8) where i posted and someone said that i cannot update the AMD drivers via the AMD site b/c the AMD doesn't support the Radeon?? she said that my card is re-branded?? good grief. shoot me now!


                                    okay, i really need dinner and so i will do that and gather my thoughts and return thanx again!! thanx a million!!

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                                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                      I've looked over your links, and the screen shots of the specs which are indeed very helpful. No point in flashing the BIOS as the version listed is the one with the flicker fix already, and flashing a BIOS is definitely NOT an amateur undertaking.  The video driver listed seems to be newer than anything listed on the Toshiba site (http://support.toshiba.com/support/driversResults?freeText=3478702), but that doesn't necessarily mean it is better than the older ones. I would be tempted to try an older version, particularly the one at the top of the list (version 1.00.0015 from 2012-10-24) when you first click display at the left of that link page, then sort by name. If that isn't an improvement, I'd try the next one down.

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                                        Kar209 Level 1



                                        thank you!! i had to take a break from this as i am growing fightfully tired of the whole situation.


                                        thank you so much for understanding that i don't want to be stuck in Basic mode.


                                        i tried to download and install what i thought i needed last night but i think i was wrong about what i chose


                                        also, it appears that what i downloaded didn't actually install even though it was extracted and then i went through a setup


                                        i went to Device Manager afterward but the version didn't change


                                        any way, i'll try the one you suggested. if that doesn't work i'll call Adobe, Toshiba and AMD on monday.


                                        bit nervous about calling Toshiba Tech though because the last time the tech guy had me wipe my computer & i had to mail it back.


                                        i think i am going to have to return this computer because i just don't think either the AMD nor the NVIDIA cards work w/Ps etc when Win8 is the OS

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                                          Kar209 Level 1

                                          well, i rolled the driver back but it did not fix the problems and in fact i think it is a bit worse because now i have flickering outside of photoshop


                                          just my luck. save for years for a better computer and it's not only no better ... it's worse.


                                          guess i'll be packing it up and sending it back. thanx for trying. i'll never forget your kindness.

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                                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                            You can undo the driver change, but it does sound as if the notebook just doesn't suit you. Sorry I can't offer more.

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                                              Kar209 Level 1

                                              please don't be sorry about anything. you've been amazing and i appreciate how much you've hung in there w/me and how much you've helped


                                              i did undo the driver change and i tried a few different ones. yes, i would agree that this notebook is not a good fit. i just really want to start to learn the 3D tools and to be able to use the Filters etc.


                                              i found posts on the Toshiba forum where people were complaining about the AMD Radeon 7670M card ~ they couldn't play simple and older games let alone 3D games.


                                              what i actually can't seem to find out is rather the AMD Radeon 7670M card is "bad" or if it's only so when combined with Windows 8 or if it's only so when one tosses in Toshiba, Sony or Panasonic notebooks or rather the card is a problem when they are re-branded.


                                              i've contacted QVC and have informed them that i'm sending it back. now, the hunt is on for a system that'll function with the CC and that will be more than "compatible" enough to simply download and install ... lol


                                              take care and lmk if there's ever anything i could do for you


                                              UPDATE:   well, i have no idea how ... but just as i was about to give up and to return my computer and to buy a different one ... i said one last prayer about it ... got the feeling to call Adobe again ... and after about an hour the TOTALLY AWESOME tech lady by the name of Masoom FIXED EVERYTHING!!!!!! i have not been this happy or excited about something for a long time! i can now use all of the Creative Apps including the 3D tools and the Filters and now i can get back to work ... only bummer is i've got two weeks of work to catch up on


                                              as soon as i get an email from Adobe about the phone call i will return and post it so that maybe it can help others struggling with this same issue!


                                              thanx again for all of your amazing support!! <3


                                              UPDATE 2: well, Everything was an over statement. after two weeks of chasing down fixes i've finally had a chance to work with Ps again and sadly i am still having problems.

                                              Granted, things aren't as bad as they were in that i can actually use Ps where before i couldn't use it at all.

                                              when i click the eye icon it doesn't flicker so much as it just switches the BG to transparent and the image disappears and then i must click and click to get the image to return. Ps will crash and not recover or it will recover but the way i set the Preferences will return to their Default settings. when i use the color swatches the color will flash a few times and then sometimes i end up w/a color i didn't choose. and when i choose a bright color there are thin faint lines through the color but i have no idea if this is a Ps issue or a problem w/the laptop.