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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - Is there an alternative to 'delete and close gap?'


      There are two scenes on the same track (not sure if they're called scenes, just not sure what else to call them), I want to put them right next to each other on the timeline, with no gap in between. If I use delete and close gap, everything in front of these two scenes will move as well. I don't want everything else to move, I only want to move the lone scene next to another scene. If I just try to drag it next to it, it'll either slice the scene in half if I don't drag it 100% perfectly next to it, or there will be a single frame of black space on the video. The only way I can successfully do this is if I zoom in and pain stakingly drag them precisely next to each other. Is there some way I can use something like 'delete and close gap' without making all the other tracks move as well? I think it might've been like ripple delete back in the older versions of Premiere if I remember correctly.