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    Changing folder location and burying AVCHD files

    Guy Burns Level 1

      I'm coming to Premiere from working in InDesign for several years, and expected similar overall styles of operation. It's pretty close, but there are differences, all of them detrimental in my opinion. Below I'll make a few statements (S1, S2…) and would like to know if they are correct or not.


      I can Package a project in InDesign and all linked files will be gathered together in a folder called Links, and put together with the project file in a folder whose name is chosen by the user. Copy that packaged folder to anywhere on any computer, open the project, and it will automatically look for linked files inside the Links folder inside the same folder as the project file. A very neat, user friendly system.


      S1: In Premiere you can specify the "Package" folder location, but you cannot specify the folder name.


      S2: When the packaged project file is first opened, Premiere cannot automatically link to files in the same folder (or subfolder) as itself, but if you relink one file it will look for all the others in the same folder.


      S3: If you change the name of the folder, or move it, Premiere won't know where the files are. You'll have to relink at least one file.


      S4: When relinking as in S3, Display Only Exact Name matches does not work.



      When a project is packaged, why does Premiere bury AVCHD files in a new folder structure? What is the advantage of doing that? For example, a standalone file called MyVideo.mts (which I extracted from the AVCHD structure of my camera), ends up in MyVideo.MTSBDMV > STREAM.