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    Should both the ActiveX AND Plug-in versions of Flash Player be installed?  If so, how?


      (OS Win 7 64 bit / IE 10 32 bit / Java 32 bit Ver 7 u/d 21 / Flash Player WIN 1.7.700.169)  The Issue is my inability to register my new Citibank AAdvantage card on-line on citicards.com.  After entering the card's 16-digit a/c number and clicking Continue, nothing happens.  Citicard techs trying to fix this all said Java or the Flash Player are not functioning as Citicard’s system requires.  Yet both apps check out on the Java and Adobe sites.  All SSl and TLS boxes in both IE and Java settings are checked.  ActiveX filtering is unchecked. Flash Player settings show only the ActiveX version installed.  There was a question as to whether both versions had to be.  If so, how is that done?