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    ALT content when using AC_RunActiveContent.js (vl. 7) for Shockwave?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’ve got an HTML container for Shockwave that uses three different methods for embedding the Shockwave content. For scripted browsers it uses the AC_RunActiveContent.js javascript supplied by Adobe, for non-scripted browsers it uses the tried and true nested <object><embed> tags. I want to provide ALT content (either HTML or JPG) for visitors who either don’t have the Shockwave plug-in or decline the installation when prompted. For non-scripted browsers it’s easy, just use the <noembed> tag but I’m not having much luck hacking the javascript to display ALT content. Has anyone done this?

      I've attached my index.html file below. AC_RunActiveContent.js is huge but you can find it here: