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    Issue in implementing Dynamic participant chooser process Step


      I am facing issue in implementing Participant chooser process Step.



      I want to create dynamic Participant chooser process Step, I have implemented 'ParticipantStepChooser' class and overwrote 'getParticipant' method. But this process did not appear in Dynamic participant chooser dropdown in CQ5.6 environment.


      I deployed same code in CQ5.5 and process appeared in Dynamic participant chooser dropdown.




      This is the sample code which I have used:


      @Component(immediate = true, metatype = true, label = "DMP Config Service123")



              @Property(name = Constants.SERVICE_DESCRIPTION, value = "A sample implementation of a dynamic participant chooser.", propertyPrivate=true),

              @Property(name = Constants.SERVICE_VENDOR, value = "Adobe", propertyPrivate=true),

              @Property(name = ParticipantStepChooser.SERVICE_PROPERTY_LABEL, value = "******** Hello ********", propertyPrivate=true),

              @Property(name = "immediate" , value = "true", propertyPrivate=true)


      public class MyDynamicParticipant implements ParticipantStepChooser {


          private static final String TYPE_JCR_PATH = "JCR_PATH";



      void activate(ComponentContext context) {

        LoggerUtil.infoLog(this.getClass(), " ");



          public String getParticipant(WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap args) throws WorkflowException {

        LoggerUtil.infoLog(this.getClass(), "inside getParticipant method{} ");

              WorkflowData workflowData = workItem.getWorkflowData();

              if (workflowData.getPayloadType().equals(TYPE_JCR_PATH)) {

      String path = workflowData.getPayload().toString();

      String pathFromArgument = args.get("PROCESS_ARGS", String.class);

      if (pathFromArgument != null && path.startsWith(pathFromArgument)) {

      return "admin";



              return "administrators";





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          Sham HC Level 7

          Make sure to change your imports in 5.6 to use granite api. Please change from [1] to [2].




          import com.day.cq.workflow.WorkflowException;

          import com.day.cq.workflow.WorkflowSession;

          import com.day.cq.workflow.exec.ParticipantStepChooser;

          import com.day.cq.workflow.exec.WorkItem;

          import com.day.cq.workflow.exec.WorkflowData;

          import com.day.cq.workflow.metadata.MetaDataMap;



          import com.adobe.granite.workflow.WorkflowException;

          import com.adobe.granite.workflow.WorkflowSession;

          import com.adobe.granite.workflow.exec.ParticipantStepChooser;

          import com.adobe.granite.workflow.exec.WorkItem;

          import com.adobe.granite.workflow.metadata.MetaDataMap;