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    Contribute cannot verify your connection information - NOT FTP based

    gormly Level 1
      I am coming to this forum to give Adobe one more chance.

      I submitted this same query to them and received a stock response that I cannot get support for a "trial" program.
      Putting aside the fact that I cannot evaluate the program and therefore make a purchasing decision, I took their advice to post the problem here.

      :::Start Problem:::

      I have downloaded a trial of contribute
      I need to test it and to do this I need some help.
      I am having trouble connecting to my websites on the SAME machine that contribute is installed on.

      Specific problem details:

      I installed contribute, created a special test page on my local networked webserver in one of my test websites root folders.
      I opened my browser, navigated to that page and clicked the "Edit in Contribute" button in my browser.
      I entered the local network connection details and everything worked well.

      I put a the same test file (a copy really) in a live website root folder.
      I navigated to the page and again, clicked the "Edit in Contribute" button in my browser, this time, while setting up the connection it told me
      >> "contribute cannot verify your connection information... Please contact your Administrator for assistance"

      I figured it was some permission issue, so I set it up directly on the webserver computer itself and I still get the error message.
      Locally! How can I get a permission problem logged in as the Administrator on a local computer?

      I checked the IIS properties and folder properties, there is no difference between the original test website folder and the second test website folder but yet..the problem persists.
      I can't connect to any other folders besides the first one.

      I am a network admin so I know the permissions issue fairly weel and I see no difference that could cause this behavior, especially being logged in as an Admin.

      :::End Problem:::

      I am so annoyed by the lack of help on this issue it isn;'t even funny.
      My network is not unique, there is nothing special about it so this problem MUST be happening to others and yet, zero infor is available on it and Adobe will not help unless I buy it and even then, experience with Adobe support is dismal at best.

      can anyone shed some light?
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          lukaro Level 1
          This is likely to be some kind of DNS issue. Somehow, the address you type into your browser when using Contribute for the live site is not matching up with the FTP server details you have given in the Contribute connection.

          What does the address in your address bar look like?

          Can you try using an IP address in your address bar instead?

          The way you will solve it is by thinking what names the computer is using to resolve the site, in tandem with what names it is using to resolve the FTP. You might have to set up a new virtual directory in IIS.

          Just my thoughts. Hope it helps a bit.


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            gormly Level 1

            Thanks for attempting to answer, I do appreiciate it but is not reading a post entirely before responding a common thing to do now on the net?

            In my topic subject I put
            "Contribute cannot verify your connection information - NOT FTP based"

            NOT FTP based
            I thought that was fairly clear.

            That and the mesaage clearly describes my attempt to connect locally on the same machine that the IIS websites resides. Not much of a chance on it being FTP, IP or DNS based error.

            So while I do appreciate your attempt, you are way off base.

            I do not mean to be a sarcastic twit but I just received a response from Adobe's in house support that was even more off the mark than yours and I am a bit frustrated.

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              I know this thread is a bit old, but I was seeing the same issue and resolved it using a different approach.  It seems that the “Contribute cannot verify your connection information” error is Contribute's "go to" error when anything bad happens.  Thanks for the in-depth error message, Adobe.  In my case, this was happening during the middle of a server migration.  The issue was that Contribute basically asks for 3 pieces of information to get you started:


                        1. The web URL for you site (which should look like http://www.contributeisterrible.com

                        2. The method you wish to use to connect (Network, FTP, SFTP)

                        3. The path to your website (on a network, this might look like \\mywebserver.contibuteisterrible.com\wwwroot , whereas on an FTP/SFTP sever, you'd specify the name or IP of the SFTP/FTP server and provide a valid username and password)



              Here's the kicker...Contribute seems to care FAR TOO MUCH about the IP addresses returned during this process.  So, in my case (IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent and all that good stuff), my website was still living on, but the site files I wanted to start editing were living on  Contribute won't allow this.



              To see if this is your problem when trying to set up a connection, do the following:


                        1. Open a command prompt and ping your website's URL and see what IP is returned (in my example, that would be "ping www.contributeisterrible.com")

                        2. In the same command prompt, ping the server holding your files and see what IP is returned (in my example, that would be "ping mywebserver.contributeisterrible.com")

                        3. The IP's returned from steps 1 and 2 must be the same...if they aren't, Contribute won't connect to the site

                        4. If you're trying to set up an "FTP/SFTP" connection, you'll need to know the name of the server holding your web files...this may or may not be the same as the name of your FTP/SFTP server (in most cases, it isn't since many places separate FTP/SFTP away from web content and web application servers)



              If for some legitimate reason the IP's are different (for example, you have a webserver with multiple NIC's or IP's, or you're in the middle of a server migration, or you just want to test something, or DNS is configured such that the web URL returns a different IP than the server name), you can rectify the difference by tweaking your HOSTS file (in Win7, it's at C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc).  Just add entries similar to the following:







              This will force your computer to see both the server share and the site URL at the same IP address and resolve the issue.



              If this doesn't fix ya, well...sorry

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