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    Problem with Master Template and exporting


      ID CS 5.5. Version 7.5.3

      Windows 7


      Hi Forum,

      I am applying a simple Master template to a 28 page document.



      If I export to pdf using the pre-defined format for smallest file size or PDF/X-4 the export is correct:



      If I export using the pre-defined PDF/X-1a or X3 I get some pages like this (Logo and Page-No. block on both sides):




      This only happens on pages 8-9, 16-17, 22-23 out of 28 pages.


      I have tried exporting to idml and reopening.

      I have removed the master from all pages, checked for spurious elements and then re-assigned the master.

      Drunk a lot of coffee!

      No pictures go over the gutter.

      I need the finished PDF to be in PDF/X-1a.


      1.) Why does InDesign hate me?


      2.) Can someone please suggest a cure?


      Thanks for your time and consideration.