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    is there a way to cut down on loading time by compressing image file size

    sabermaster28 Level 1

      Hi I have been trying to build a weeb page that is giving me considerable loading time when I check the upload from file zilla most of the upload time seems to be coming from the photos.

      Im saving the images as png becuase of thier abilty to save certain portions of a photo as transparant and not a white background however im getting a lot of loading time I wonder if this is because

      im using png. and not saving as swf. file which Iv heard of people using for edge. Another thing is that I cant save to swf from photoshop cs6 wheres the option for that.

      So yah I think my main issue is what do I do to cut down on loading time from adding large  or many images to my edge file or html.


      heres a preview of the site im working check out the loading time already and im not even finished.