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    Resize around custom point

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      I wish to resize a selection around a custom 2D point. I have had a look at the resize function:

      #target illustrator
      sel = app.activeDocument.selection[0];
      var scale = 200;
      var scaleAbout = Transformation.TOPLEFT;
          scale , // x number (double)
          scale , // y number (double)
          true, // changePositions bool
          true, // changeFillPatterns bool
          true, // changeFillGradients bool
          true, // changeStrokePattern bool
          scale , // changeLineWidths  number (double)
          scaleAbout); // scaleAbout Transformation constant

      Which works allright but I assume that I need to use the constants defined in the Transformation class? I cannot just input a 2D point to scale around? Would be handy.

      I have a feeling that I need to use a transformation matrix to do this. Have any one a working example of how to do this?


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