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    ColdFusion Flash Remoting Service

    Andy_McDonald Level 1

      Hi folks,

      Wonder if anyone can help me configure my development environment to enable the use of Flash Remoting with ColdFusion 8 (locally) and Flex 2 on Mac OSX? I have tried numerous 'Hello World' examples using a RemoteObject approach (eg: http://blogs.adobe.com/flexdoc/2007/02/hello_world_application_for_fl_1.html) but I always seem to get the following Runtime Errors (with a blank/grey screen) when I run the application:

      #1053 (Illegal override of subtopic in mx.messaging.Consumer)
      #1065 (Variable _CursorManagerStyle__embed_css_Assets_swf_mx_skins_cursor_BusyCursor_1681370625 is not defined)

      As a control measure, I also tried using a WebServices approach using the same CFC and it worked fine therefore, it would appear that the files are in the correct locations and there is no errors in the CFC itself. As such, the problem seems to arise as a result of selecting 'ColdFusion Flash Remoting Service' (as opposed to Basic mode) when setting up a new Flex Project.

      I have already changed the 'endpoint uri' of the 'cf-amf channel' in my 'services-config.xml' file to read: " http://localhost:80{context.root}/flex2gateway/" and restarted ColdFusion, but that hasn't fixed the problem.

      Please, can anyone diagnose the error messages and/or suggest any further steps?

      Many thanks,

      Andy McDonald (Scotland)