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    InDesign, InCopy and Document Fonts

    KASTDC Level 1

      I am working in Seattle as the art director for a magazine while my editior and copy editor are in Florida.  They are using InCopy to edit the copy after I have laid out the pages.  My question is this, do they need to load the fonts out of the Document fonts folder in order to see what the layout should look like or does InCopy "magically" recognize that the folder of fonts is there and use them for display purposes.  I say "magically" because it seems ridiculous that this would actually work this way but at the same time, it seems odd to me that you'd have to buy more computer station "seats" just for the editors.


      I hope that makes sense.


      Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          When reading an INDD file, InCopy looks at the Document Fonts folder, just like InDesign does.


          Those purposes are not limited to display.


          Also, the Document Fonts folder does not grant you a license to use fonts if you didn't have one before. You still need to ensure, from a legal perspective, that you have sufficient font licenses for your use.