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    future dated files arent being picked up in watched folder

    g5spark Level 1

      We have a workflow process that is exposed as a watched folder endpoint.  One of the users who drops files into the folder had his computer set to the year 2049 and so all the files are marked with that date.  We found that these files were not being picked up by the watched folder.  We found that other files that were dropped that had their computer set to today's date were processed.


      I was hoping someone from Adobe could comment on this?  Is this known?  i dont see it in any documentation that states that its based on the file date.  the closest i see is http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/adminHelp/admin.htm?content=000107.html


      The provider.file_scan_service performs these tasks: 

      • Scans the input folder for files or folders that match the include file pattern and excludes files or folders for the specified exclude file pattern. The oldest files or folders are picked up first. Files and folders that are older than the wait time are also picked up. In one scan, the number of files or folders that are processed are based on the batch size.


      which would imply the 2049 files would be picked up last but if they are the only files in the folder shouldnt they eventually be picked up in the next scan?  i dont think they'll ever be picked up til 2049 which is too late.


      Also to add a twist, our users are in India while our watched folder is in north america.  So they clocks are automatically 12 hrs ahead.  does that mean they wont be picked up for 12 hours?