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    Hyperlinks and Image Maps switching to 'Remote URL' destination


      Hi everyone,


      For some reason, I am having problems with a lot of my image maps and text hyperlinks having been converted to some form of short hand and now having incorrect destinations.


      When I hover the cursor over them, they now show the message:

      "Image Map [area1] [javascript:void(0);]"
      "Hyperlink [javascript:void(0);]"


      instead of, for example,

      "Image Map [Contours_tab.htm]"

      "Hyperlink [Contours_tab.htm]"


      (where area1 is also 2, 3, 4 etc)



      The Hyperlink/Image Map dialog Select Destination dropdown field has changed from "All Folders" (or whatever folder it was) to the "Remote URLs" (of which there is only one used in the project anyway, an email address).



      When I preview/Ctrl+W them, some of the hyperlinks are fine and popup or jump to the appropriate topics. Others display an error message which states,


      "The value of the property 'BSSCPopup' is null or undefined, not a function object".



      When I compile and open the Help, so far the links have all gone to the correct topics (which is a huge relief!).


      However, I have to redo the hyperlink if I want it to show correctly on hover, or open the Hyperlink/Image Map dialog on the correct topic file. This, as you can imagine, is a complete PITA.



      Three questions:

      • Has anyone else had this problem?
      • Is there a fix to convert the Image Map links back to their original destination?
      • Does this mean my project has corrupted?


      I am especially worried about the last one, so any help is appreciated.