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    I don't understand your logic adobe!!

    kevinneal01 Level 1

      So Mr Adobe, which of your applications should we be using for web design / prototyping / wireframing whatever you want to call it?


      InDesign is firmly geared towards Print and Digital Publishing


      Photoshop is a Image editing package, why try and crowbar layout design into an editing package? ( I know many people do use it, but its not optimised to use as a layout tool)


      Illustrator is a vector package, again can be used but not optimised for web design.


      Why didn't you incorporated Fireworks into InDesign so that was the goto app for all design layout work and stop bloating photoshop!

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          Yeah,i am totally agree with u.Fw is more better than any other.It's irreplaceable!

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            Very good point and I absolutely agree on that one.


            Fireworks is a tool I use every day and I was really hoping they would iron out the few things that annoyed me about it (group editing, symbols, etc). Seems like we have to stick with CS6 forever, which crashes on my about 3 or 4 times a day (on a top of the range rMBP with 16GB Ram) - I might even roll back to CS5 as that seemed a lot more stable.


            I never thought of integrating it into InDesign, but it actually makes total sense. Simply a pixel mode in InDesign and everything which makes Fireworks great is pretty much already there.


            I find it hillarious how they are trying more and more to shoe-horn Photoshop to be used for Webdesign, not realizing that it's main limitations is that you can't have one document with many pages/states/etc. I am currently working on a larger website. It is split into about 10 files for different sections (around 20 MB each). Each has different pages and states to mockup everything. In the end the number of mockups I exported as images was 371. Having 371 Photoshop files would be ridicolous to work with to say the least.


            Edge Reflow actually looks really nice, but will be nowhere near Fireworks for the next 2 or 3 years - even just for basic web design.


            So +1 for the InDesign integration!


            I like how they don't even have an answer in their FAQ regarding which software to use instead.

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              Paevo Kelley Level 2

              Every time I think I'll use Photoshop for web design I open it and spend about half and hour trying to figure out how to do basic tasks. Whereas Fireworks is so intuitive I don't even half to think to use masks, color fills, etc. I sure hope another company comes up with a viable FW replacement in the next couple of years.

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                I just find it crazy. With the events of the past week it seems Adobe have just lost the plot with certain things. I use Fireworks CS6 every day for big projects like armin_s99 (though get far less crashes for some reason) and agree it's just irreplaceable. For what it does, it's just leagues ahead of anything similar. I would gladly give money to someone else if they would take it of Adobe's hands and continue development.


                I don't agree with merging Fireworks and InDesign they are aimed at two totally different processes. It's kind of like merging Photoshop and Illustrator. Look at what happened with QuarkXpress it used to be the go-to application for print layout because it did that and only that it was faster than any other application out there. Then they tried adding image editing features (didn't work, just so painful to use) then they added web design features followed by mobile applications. It just got worse with every new version and people started moving towards InDesign because it did what it was designed to do.


                Adobe have such a strong selection of applications that are good at what they were created for. Photoshop (Image Editing), Illustrator (Vector Illustration), InDesign (Print Layout), Fireworks (Digital Layout), Premier (Video Editing)


                Photoshop certainly can't replace Fireworks with it's current feature set. That said, I don't want to see Photoshop replace it, it should be kept for photo editing. I really struggle to see why so many favor it for web design when the simplist of tasks are just impossible. For example creating a rectangle then later deciding it might look nicer with rounded corners and then deciding the rounded corners need to be more rounded. Doing this in Photoshop would just drive me nuts, hell, it drives me nuts just seeing people trying to do it.


                It just makes me so angry that such a great application is going to be scrapped with no viable alternative. Sad days.