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    Can't open .idml in CS5, phantom .indd files


      Good morning, all!


      Here's a slight stumper:


      I have files I've exported from CS5.5 to .idml, however when I try to open them in CS5, I get a status bar that seems to be successful, but then I get the typical missing plugin error message associated with opening .indd files directly. In addition, the error message indicates that it's TRYING to open some phantom .indd files (they're not unfamiliar, I recognize the names) and seems to get stuck in an infinite loop, where clearing the error message (i.e. hitting OK) only prompts another and requires me to Force Quit the darn thing.


      This is AFTER repeatedly trashing my preferences, my InDesign Saved Data file and the InDesign Recovery folder and emptying the system trash every single time.


      I made a trivial test file directly using CS5 and opening that directly doesn't seem to bring up the error message, only attempting to open .idml files does. I've even re-exported the CS5.5 files 2 or 3 times just in case the original interchange files were corrupted.


      Any suggestions, recommendations, and tips are welcome. I'm REALLY trying not to have to reinstall the software if I can help it.





      Mac OSX 10.6.8 (32G RAM)

      IDCS5  7.0.4

      IDCS5.5 7.5.3


      One disclaimer: I did recently install DTP Tools' Cross References Pro (on CS5 for testing, but not CS5.5) and haven't uninstalled that yet.