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    HELP!!  Navbar misbehaving! Symbol jumping position


      happy tuesday!


      i'm building a site for a client and using edge for my main navbar - nothing crazy - simple mouseover buttons and one dropdown menu.

      i have 2 symbols that i'm using centering code on composition ready



         width : '1000px',

         margin : '0 auto',

         position: 'relative'


         width : '1000px',

         margin : '0 auto',

         position: 'relative'




      when i introduce the drop symbol to the stage the main nav bar jumps down from its original position....?????...


      here's how the main nav should be:
      [http://salesdigital.com/nav/ | http://salesdigital.com/nav/]


      and when i add the drop down:
      [http://salesdigital.com/nav2/ | http://salesdigital.com/nav2/]


      if you mouseover products - you reveal the dropdown


      what am doing wrong? why is the main nav moving its vertical position - there's nothing telling it to do so...


      here's my edge source:
      [http://salesdigital.com/nav.zip | http://salesdigital.com/nav.zip]


      any help would be great! and of course i'm under a deadline - it seems so simple and yet i'm pulling my hair out!


      thanks in advance.