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    Table Of Contents Ordering Incorrectly


      In Design CS4, Windows, Network Drive. 


      We have several 180 page books composed of about 15 documents.  If I run a Table of Contents with only one level...let's call it Centered Title, it runs perfectly, and when the alphabetize entries is checked, it alphabetizes perfectly.  If I add a second level to the TOC,  One or two entries at the Centered Title level will jump out of order.....Cabin Cabinetry will leap in front of Blu-Ray Player, instead of being where it should.  If I take the second level back out, alphebetizes perfectly again.  It is always the same entry for me.  Coworkers with similar publications have the same problem, but with different Centered Titles.


      The page numbers in the TOC are just fine.


      This is driving me crazy.