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    Dialog Boxes stuck on full screen mode in ID4

    Electroscribe_2015 Level 1

      I run InDesign CS4 on a 15-inch HP Elitebook 8560 connected to two 20-inch monitors running at 1600 X 900 DPI.

      Usually, InDesign occupies the left of the two monitors.

      Occasionally I telework at home on a  single 27-inch monitor.

      The computer has no trouble distinguishing between the two setups.

      When I do a "Save As" in InDesign CS4, the file name and location dialog box now takes up the full screen of  20-inch monitor.

      I try dragging the lower right hand corner with my mouse, but nothing works to make that screen any smaller.  Even if I move the mouse to the upper right or upper edge of the screen and click-drag, it stays at full screen.

      If I undock the laptop and use its screen, even at a higher resolution, I still cannot drag the corners of the dialog box away from the edges of the screen.



      Are there any preferences or keyboard shortcuts I could use to solve this?