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    photoshop CS5 creative cloud problem

    vinsolo Level 3

      joined and installed 13.0.4 without difficulty.


      Now have to license trial everytime I start the app,


      Undate manager fails to upgrade to 13.1.2 with following note: Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.47.43 PM.png


      repeated attempts produce same result.


      Use iMac 17, 16gb, os 10.8.3


      any help?



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Not having a Mac I'm not completely sure, but your solution will probably go along these lines.


          Deactivate your serial-numbered license.


          Then try to run Photoshop, and log in with your cloud-enabled Adobe ID when prompted.


          Note that activation of your cloud subscription may take a little time  (hours to possibly days) after you've paid.



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            vinsolo Level 3

            Noel, thanks for your helpful reply.


            Jeff tranberry intimated that the error code i got was probably due to some absent component in my PSCS6 (perm lic) install.


            I deactivated PSCS6 and then uninstalled PSCS6. I then went to CC and downloaded the CC version of PSCS6. This went smoothly. Subsequently I ran update from HELP menu and a number of apps were quickly updated.


            There was no "TRIAL VERSION" problem.


            In addition, my cloud subscription was activated in minutes.


            thanks to you and jeff tranberry.