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    Problems with printing from Photoshop CS4 to Epson SP9900


      I have recently upgraded my Mac Pro 3.1 to Mountain Lion (10.8.3). I have Adobe CS4 Design Standard and I used to print to my Epson SP9900 (using IP connection) from Photoshop CS4 without any problems using native Epson drivers. I downloaded the most recent drivers from Epson for SP 9900 on Mac OSX 10.8 but now prints come out as shattered, garbled or offset multiple times. Only from Photoshop, as Illustrator CS4 prints fine. As are other applications, including browsers and Microsoft Office.

      I removed all the drivers and printer queues, reinstalled Design Standard CS4 and newly downloaded drivers from Epson and the first print came our OK. Then the second printed the same as before - garbled and offset.

      Should I try CS5 (I have the installer disc and license), or would I have the same problem? Am I facing the prospect of going back to Snow Leopard (if that is possible without completely reformatting my drive), or are there configuration options not apparent during standard installation?