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    Accordion effect, need help...

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      So I want to create an extremely simple accordion effect. I tried styling the default accordion component but I couldn't remove the Halo styling to it, so unless someone can tell me how to do that I'm looking for basic AS to show and hide a particular MC on click. Anyone help?
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          Hi Spencer,

          Getting away from halo (something I've been working at for the last three days) isn't simple, but it's definitely doable.

          First, I followed the instructions in Flash help on *creating a new theme.* As part of those instructions, you'll copy two files: default.as and AccordionHeaderSkin.as. Through trial and error, you can fiddle with these two files and pretty much completely define your own colors, fonts, etc. for all components. I changed my open header to a gradient, and the closed headers to a different gradient. It has worked much better and more reliably than using the getStyle approach.

          Search for "theme" and "styles" in help, and follow the instructions--they worked for me.

          But once you get it all hooked up properly and can see your changes when you Publish Preview your movie, don't freak out if you make changes to the .as files that don't show up right away. I found I had to close Flash and open again before most changes appeared.

          Good luck!