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    Open GL issue, CS5




      I have issues with my photoshop...

      I can use it just fine untill i use a certain tool, in this case the lasso tool.

      Whenever i try to use it, the screen flicks, scrolling becomes less smooth, and it locks out certain actions like the rotation tool.

      If i try to use it a screen pops up, basically telling me "This function only works for documents that have OpenGL activated" Is i look under preferences - performences: It say's my OpenGL is just enabled.

      But i still cannot use it!


      Now, i know what's causing it, which would be my graphics drivers.

      Afar from using photoshop to draw i also play video games, some games simply require me to update my hardware.

      I've had this issue before, and the only thing that could solve it was to set my graphic driver back, this way OpenGL has no issues, but my games never run as smooth as they should, and even crash.

      Updating my drivers fixes my games, but messes with OpenGL! I don't know what i'm supposed to do to have both!


      A few weeks ago i re-installed my windows because i felt it was running to slow, and before that re-install both CS5 and my games had no issues.

      But since i re-installed it... yeah it's just extremely frustrating and i need your help!


      How can i have both my games to work, AND have smooth photoshop?


      As for graphics card i use an Ati Radeon HD 4800 series.

      If you require more ingo, let me know!


      Kind regards.