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    Flash not working in internet explorer 10 or Firefox.


      Hi im going insane right now because I can only view a certain document using internet explorer as it wont allow me to view it with Chrome, the problem is Internet explorer is just like a bunch of blank pictures with missing links and nothing works. I realized the inanimate nature of IE is that FLASH is not working. The most frustrating part about all this is that Flash Player 11.7 is installed on my computer! Everything works fine in Google Chrome, Firefox will give me the error that I need to download Adobe Flash to view the videos, but Internet Explorer says nothing its just blank thumbnails or still pictures or a black video. For the moment ignore firefox I only need help with internet explorer. I have tried everything listed on these forums with no success. Active X filtering is disabled, hardwell accelaration is off, in Manage Addons it says that Shockwave Player (Adobe Flash player 11.7.700.179 is installed correctly and its enabled) My Java is up to date and enabled. The only thing is that when I go into control panel and search for Flash, it says that Active X Version:  11.7.700.179 is Installed, But Plugin Version says Not Installed. I have done a full uninstall of flash and even cleaned out my registry and did a full reinstall and followed all the help advice on Adobes website and no matter how many times I reinstall Flash it doesn't work. Please help this is driving me insane!