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    Anchor Object without Modifying Text




      Is there a way to place objects and attach their location to a particular numbered paragraph, without using anchored objects, i.e., is it possible ot make an anchored object without a inserting an anchor into the text?



      I am currently assembling a document where the text is placed from a Microsoft Word document and figures will be placed from a variety of sources (.pdf exports of TeX equations, .ai figures, etc.).


      I have explored anchored objects to some extent, and they provide all the functionality I need, with one exception.


      I would very much like to be able to insert figures into my indesign project and be able to update my text in Microsoft Word without losing the insertion points. As it is now, when I update my linked Word file, the anchors are removed from the text.


      One approach I considered was to complete the majority of the text in Word, then place the text into InDesign, break the link, add my anchors, and complete revisions in InDesign. Unfortunately, this approach will not work, as I am using a reference manager in the text, and reordering/adding/removing references would become exceedingly tedious in a document with dozens of references and nearly 100 citations to those references.


      Thanks so much for your help in advance!