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    Microsoft JScript runtime error with twisty2a.js in RoboHelp 10

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      In my RoboHelp 9 WebHelp Pro project, the twisty2a.js ran perfectly for Show All / Hide All. The script is located in the root folder, along with the Show All and Hide All buttons.


      In the past few weeks I had my computer replaced and I upgraded to RoboHelp 10. I'm now running Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 with a 64-bit Operating System, and IE 9.0.8112.16421.


      A few days ago I opened the RH9 project in RH10. The conversion appeared to go smoothly, with the exception of some strange formatting in my tables.


      Today I noticed that Show Help works, but that it never toggles to Hide All.

      I attempted to open twisty2a.js, which had been configured to use the ShowHide One button method, to verify that it was still correct. When I try to open it in RH10, I get a Windows Script Host error:


      Line 58, Char 1, "navigator" is underined, 800A1391, Microsoft JScript runtime error


      Does anyone know whether this is a RoboHelp issue with the script or whether it might be a Windows configuration issue with my new system?


      Thanks as always for any help


      I think the problem may relate to the "Determine the browser" section in the script (I tried to insert a PNG, but got an error message ).





      BTW, I tried to format this discussion better, with bullets and indents, but the editor is quite balky. It doesn't even like it when I press Enter to create an empty line.