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    Seeing Error 500 instead of CF errors in my browser?

    WestSide Level 1


      We are running ColdFusion 9.02 with all the hotfixes and updates and as of late I'm starting to get more "Internal Server Error 500" instead of the standard ColdFusion Errors.  It seems to happen in CF 10 too.


      It seems like these errors come from the web server (IIS in this case), but it makes it difficult to troubleshoot the problem.  I feel like something changed because I'm seeing more of these rather than getting the typical CF error when something goes wrong.  When I see error 500 I feel like it is more of a web server error, but maybe I'm wrong.


      I use Firefox a lot and have the Firebug plugin and at times I see the actual ColdFusion error message listed in Firebug, but in my browser window I see "Error 500 internal server error.


      Does anyone know why I might be getting general Error 500 issues versus seeing the standard CF error messages when something goes wrong?


      Any help appreciated.

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          carl type3 Level 4

          Hi Westside, In CF10admin > Server Settings > Settings > Request Size Limits what value do you have for Maximum number of POST request parameters Eg 100?


          For CF9 that is in coldfusion9\lib\neo-runtime.xml

          var name="postParametersLimit"><number>100.0</number>


          Alter the value to say 500 (value could differ do some testing) restart CF application service and retest applications.


          HTH, Carl.