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    Overflow/underflow if statement wrapped around an if statement


      I am getting the overflow/underflow error due to a calculation trying to divide by zero, but am not enough of a scripter to be able to figure out how to make the if (x > 0) statement work with the current script in the cell which is:


      if (form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row1.Cell3/form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row5.Cell2 <.5) then 0 elseif (form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row1.Cell3/Row5.Cell2 > .5) then (form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row1.Cell3/form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row5.Cell2) else 0 endif


      the cell that needs to be checked for zero is form1.BudgetSummarypage20.Table7.Row5.Cell2


      Hopefully this is easy as pie for one of you.  Your help is greatly appreciated.