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    Need a javascript for context-sensitive help

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Hey folks,

      I just got an email from my Developer that looks like this:

      "From what I can gather, I need a .js file that holds the RH_ShowHelp() javascript function. I will need to include it as part of my web app. It’s not in the help directory you gave me– it’s probably somewhere else in the robohelp distrio. Googling suggests it’s in a file called “RoboHelp.CSH.js”."

      I looked in my output and couldn't find anything that resembled this script in the output folder. We're generating WebHelp using RH Office X5.

      Any ideas?

      I think we're still basing our context-sensitive solution on the information provided in the "Calling Functions from Web Pages" topic in the RoboHelp help system.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi maniac9999

          Take a look at the following location and you should find the file.

          C:\Program Files\RoboHelp Office\CSH API

          Cheers... Rick
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            maniac9999 Level 1
            Thanks Rick! Right after I posted the message I decided to look there and found it on my own.

            "The Developer I'm working with tried to use it and is having some problems, which may be a "show stopper". Here's the text of his email:

            "First, when you call it (the RoboHelp_CSH.js), it places the help window at the very bottom right of the screen with a fixed size of 100x100! It’s hard coded in the function! I can’t see anyway to control the window properties within the interface provided.

            If you could find out from the forum if there is a way to control the size and position of the window, that would be good. One way is for me to call the functions that RH_ShowHelp() is calling, supplying my own params. I can probably do this, but if the interface is unpublished or not for external use, we can get burnt when a new version of the code is released and these functions are gone or their behavior is changed.

            Secondly, it seems like it’s ignoring the map id I’m passing in. I need to verify that I’m doing the right thing – I might be screwing this up."

            His second email started like this:

            "I think I may have hit a showstopper with the use of the RH_ShowHelp() javascript function. Most of the code in there is building up a URL, and finally it all funnels in to a javascript window.open() function. Firefox is blocking it from happening, because it thinks it’s a popup that should be blocked. If I call window.open directly, FF is okay with it."

            I suggested that I create several different windows in RH (maybe 6) to use for different popups. When I tried doing this using RH X5, I found the "New Window" interface to be kind of clunky - it didn't update my changes very fast and it left me wishing for the ability to have an "x,y" positioning mechanism instead of the percent method.

            Any ideas?

            Thanks again,