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    ybotcoombes Level 1

      I am developing an iphone App that connects to an embeded server on a camera and then plays back the video files from the server, all of the files are MP4 , but they are served up with the wrong mime type and extension (e.g. they are called video.tjc with a mime type of "application/octet-stream"), if i alter the extension then the files play ok . I have tried a lot of different technologies to get round this issue but none have worked so far.


      Is there a way of altering OSMF to allow playback of these files on the IPHONE, the ideas i have come up with are:


      using a proxyelement

      using a mediafactory

      creating a plugin


      Are there any OSMF experts who can tell me if this is possible and the best way to do it ?


      Many Thanks