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    Edge not loading when using the go-back / go-forward buttons from the browser?

    avazquez Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I'm working on a test site where the Edge animation is part of a slider using jQueryTools.  The animation works when you click the menu options, going from Page C, to page A, to page B, back to page C which has the Edge animations.


      But when using the go-back and go-forward buttons of the browser, it doesn't work.  It don't even show the preloading gif.


      I already added the meta data for avoiding loading the page into the cache, added the function to call the Edge animate in a $(document).ready event for jQuery.


      The setup will get  a little bit complicated, as I have 2 different Edge animations going on, and will use the bootstrap function to show multiple edge objects.


      The main issue for now, is to check if anyone has experienced the issue of the go-back/forward buttons.


      Thanks for your time and help!