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    Flex2 and databases

      hi everyone

      i'm a totally noob in flex/flash whatsoever ex macromedia technology.
      but lately i've had a new challange to respond on: a db centrical cross-platform application. and searching the net i've found felx2 wich seems perfect (except java, wich is not quite friendly to what i intend to do) to do my work. well, at one detail near: the db connection. i know flash likes to work with xml and i found berkeley's xml db server. wich stores data as xml and you can bild xquery requests. ( http://www.sleepycat.com/products/bdbxml.html )

      my question is: does flex2 works with that system without the intermediate of any other "buffer" like interpretor ?
      if yes, a howto will be greatly appreciated :)

      ty all & keep up the good work
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          Renaun_Erickson Level 1
          Flash supports Sockets, AMF, SOAP/XML, and REST to communicate to external systems. To be able to communicate to a database you have to use one of these methods of communication.
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            I am even more nooby...I would like to use flex to display simple Access database records using flex/ cold fusion OR dreamweaver/cold fusion with flex implementation configured. I am finding lots of information...far to much, but no actual tutorial that tells me in simple language how this is done step by step. Does this exsist?

            Why do I feel like I am playing the game Myst learning Flex?

            Also what does AMF & REST mean?

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              Renaun_Erickson Level 1
              REST is Representational State Transfer, in Flex you use HTTPService to use it in Flash you use loadVars.

              AMF is Action Message Format, its a Adobe format for binary transfer of data. You use RemoteObject in Flex and Flash Remoting in Flash.

              The easiest way to then is to use ColdFusion, create CFC that returns data from the database and in Flex you would call the CFC through WebService. (I do not know where a newbie article is on this subject off the top of my head, I would go look at the Quick Guides or look up WebService in the livedocs).

              NOTE about CFC's, they give you a RemoteObject and WebService control with out changing any code, really nice. Also with Flex2 there are more ColdFusion connectivity features that make it really nice.