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    Special Offer for Existing Creative Suite 6 Users


      I purchased in December 2012 an Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master license for EUR 3,219.00.


      Today I learned that Adobe will in future provide the new Creative Suite applications only via Creative Cloud and that I am entitled to a special discount for the first year Creative Cloud subscription (i.e. monthly price of EUR 24.59 instead of EUR 61.49).


      So I am able to save EUR 442.80 for the first year of the Creative Cloud subscription.


      As the new Creative Cloud applications are available from June 2013 I also saved the monthly subscription prices for December 2012 till May 2013 (i.e. 6 months) and therefore further EUR 368.94 (= 6 x EUR 61.49).


      Subsequently, I would have the following disadvantages if I subscribe in June for the Creative Cloud:


      - EUR 2,407.26 additional costs compared to a Creative Cloud subscription in December 2012 (i.e. = 3,219.00 - EUR 442.80 - EUR 368.94)

      - I am only able to use Adobe Acrobat XI from June onwards


      No I am just wondering why I do not feel happy about the generous special offer I received from acrobat and the fact that I saw now warning on the acrobat homepage in December that I have to switch to the Creative Suite in June 2013 if I would like to use the current applications in future.