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    Adding Slo Mo to a clip that's between 2 other clips? Not working Correctly




      I have a timeline full of clips.


      I inseet a clip that is 4 seconds long between 2 clips that are already on the timeline.


      I want to make the inserted clip 8 seconds long,


      I highlight that clip in the timeline, go to my "Speed/Duration", the dialog box opens and I change the time to 8 seconds or 50%.


      On the timeline, the top of the clip turns red, like it needs to be rendered, the clip now says it's 8 seconds, but it is still only 4 seconds.




      When I take that same clip and put it on the end of the timeline where there is no clip in front or behind it and I change the speed, it works correctly.




      Can you insert a clip between two other clips on the timeline and perform a "slow motion?" The clip should get bigger and all rest of the clips should all move down to the right.


      Why does this not work in Premiere Pro CS 5.5?


      Thanks in advance.