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    Font issue between PC and Mac

    Nabren Level 3

      Hey all,


      I have been searching for an answer to this for awhile and can't find anything concrete.


      Without getting too complex we have a TextField with an embedded font lined up in the center of a symbol. If the .fla is published from a PC, it's only centered on PC and if the .fla is published from a Mac it's only centered on a Mac.


      On PC when running a .swf published from a Mac the font appears too high. On Mac when running a .swf published from a PC the font appears too low. I haven't been able to figure out the root cause or a solution yet only that it doesn't always happen on every single TextField but once it happens it seems impossible to fix.


      We made a new .fla and setup TextFields the exact same way and embedded the font and it worked perfectly. But no matter what we do to our real .fla nothing fixes it.


      Anyone run into this before?


      I have been aware of this bug since CS5 however the old workaround of always publishing on a Mac no longer seems to work in CS6.

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          Nabren Level 3

          Appreciate the reply but that issue seems to be different. I understand they can render different, that's fine.


          However, this issue we are dealing with is our TextField's aren't just rendering different they are completely off by a factor of 10-15 pixels or more. This is a huge deal when trying to make UI that lines up cross-platform (which, ironically, is one of the biggest reasons to use Flash)


          I accepted that it might be an issue during publish time since they are embedded fonts and thus use the OS' font rendering algorithm when publishing. However, as mentioned in the original post creating a new FLA and setting up TextField's the same exact way produced the desired result.


          So this is obviously a bug of some kind with Flash in the way the .FLA is setup or being published. Something is causing them to be off that shouldn't be because this isn't 100% reproducible by using the same steps in a new FLA.