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    Roll over not working

      I'm in 8.5 (not so patiently awaiting an upgrade), and I'm having a problem with roll-overs that will not go into the over state on frames with QT movies. The mouse turns to a finger and the link works, but it does not go into the roll over image state.

      Any suggestions/
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          Applied CD Level 1
          Are you using the tempo channel to hold the playhead still while waiting for the video to end? Holding the playhead with the tempo channel does not allow the stage to update so behaviors that change stage content (like rollovers) won’t appear to be working (the cursor change technically is not a change to the stage). Try pasting the following script (it should be 8.5 compatible) into the frame script box below your tempo hold, then delete the tempo hold. This script assumes the video sprite is sprite(1) … change the number if your video is located somewhere else.
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            CarrieBey Level 1
            Thanks for your insight.
            Tempo is exactly what I am using. I pasted your code, but it doesn't pause for the movie to play. Do I need to replace "duration" in the code with a time? How is it entered? (minutes, sec etc.)

            P.S. I now have my upgrade
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              Sprite(1).member.duration returns the duration in milliseconds of the cast member occupying sprite channel 1, so in your case it should be the duration of your QT movie in milliseconds. Duration can be tested but not set (at least not for video). I’d look up the keywords “duration” and “currentTime” in Director 8.5’s help and make sure there hasn’t been a subtle change in syntax from 8.5 to MX04 that I've forgotten about … there is a chance that movieTime is the old keyword for currentTime and you might need to use that instead.

              PS: just to make sure the duration is being reported correctly, make sure the playhead is in a frame with video, then open the message window and type: put sprite(1).member.duration followed by return, Director should respond with a large number that is the video duration in milliseconds.
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                CarrieBey Level 1
                Again, thanks for the concise and right on help.

                I get the following in the message window

                -- <Void>

                I'm working in MX 10.1 now
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                  robdillon Most Valuable Participant
                  The rollover is for a sprite other than the QT sprite, yes? Can you show the code that you are using on the sprite that is supposed to show the rollover state?