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    problem with _soundbuftime and flash player 8/9

      OK, have just discovered that there seems to be a bit of an issue with streaming sounds in fp 8 and 9.
      In flash player 6/7, if I called sound.loadSound("some.mp3", true), flash player buffered 5 seconds of the file prior to playing it back. I could change the amount it buffered by setting _soundbuftime to the number of seconds I wanted buffered.
      If, however, I install any flash player 8 or 9, the sound now starts playing immediately, with no buffering time. It then frequently gets a second or two in before the stream then stops, and THEN seems to buffer. Changing _soundbuftime does not make any difference (though it may be changing the amount buffered once it stops).
      Has anyone experienced this and got a workaround? At the moment, the only thing we can think of to do is to switch off streaming and preload the entire file - but this isn't really a valid solution!
      Anyone from Adobe here who can help with this? Have tested pretty extensively and am fairly confident it's an issue with the flash player itself!