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    How will the Adobe Cloud feature affect my scripts?

    Brett Elliott

      Hi everyone,


      I have been writing JavaScripts for InDesign for 9 years and I have accumulated about 80,000 lines of finished code which fully automates the creation of very complex and time consuming legislative products. When I upgraded to CS5 I could fix versioning issues with the DOM by adding this code "app.scriptPreferences.version = '6.0'". However, when trying this in InDesign CS6 I would continue to get errors as forcing the version from '8.0' to '6.0' didn't always work, so I've been staying on CS5 until I finish debuggin and rewriting the out of date code to be compatible with the new DOM (this is taking me many months to do).


      My question is, with the new subscription based model that Adobe are implementing with CS6.5 >=, will this software be automatically updated in the background like most cloud based systems?


      If this is the case I could find my scripts not functioning at any time which is unacceptable as my products are legislatively required on an as-needs basis and any update could instantly see me not able to deliver.


      If anyone has any knowledge on how this new system is going to work and/or you know if the scenario about automatic updates causing my scripts to malfunction could happen I would like to hear from you, thanks.



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          With the Adobe Creative Cloud, users will be notified about availability of new updates for their respective applications. There is no automatic background installation of these updates. In fact, installing these updates are perphaps at the discretion of the users and is not mandatory.


          If you have your scripts compatible with the latest version of InDesign or at least one version prior I don't think you will have much malfunctioning of the scripts.

          Because your scripts are too old now, you are facing the problems in CS6 (8.0)

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            Brett Elliott Level 1

            Thanks for the info vinothr, thats good to hear regarding the updates being optional from a scripting point of view, but I don't know how this will affect my organisation from a business point of view now that I think of it. If we do update out scripts to work with DOM 8.0 and we keep the version static at that version will we have compatibility issues with other suppliers and designers who do keep upgraded in the future? I would probably think we would at some point thus forcing us to update all the scripts again so we can upgrade to clear these issues... ah my head hurts... :S