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    Recommended coded for playing smoothly on a computer?

    mediafred Level 1

      I have a 14-minute sequence that contains still images, titles, simple motion, and four different videos. The sequence is set based on the largest video size of 1920x1080. The final output is being exported to Match Sequence settings, and it will be played in the Quicktime Player on a Mac set to loop on a Mac. It could also play in the VLC player if necessary.


      After exporting the video twice, I am noticing a bit of lag when it plays in the Quicktime Player, and a small amount of audio is playing where there is clearly no audio (I checked the timeline and zoomed in twice) and I have no idea why it is doing this.


      1. Is it too much to expect a 1920x1080 video  (about 3.5GB) exported to match sequence settings to play smoothly in the Quicktime Player?

      2. Can anyone recommend a way to compress/encode the video so it retains its quality, but the file size is smaller and it plays more smoothly?