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    Fireworks PNG to PSD - How do I do this?

    famerdave Level 1

      I have several Fireworks PNG files (since Adobe could never give it a real extension) that I need to get out of that format, before Adobe completely kills Fireworks. (Do you actually think they will move it from Carbon to Cocoa. Apple will soon enough get rid of Carbon all together) Fireworks did not even get Retina Display support.


      I guess my options are to conver to layered PSD's? Anyone know how to do that?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Adobe will not move Fireworks to Cocoa, but you should be able to use the application indefinitely, as long as your operating system supports it. (I don't know what's forthcoming for the MacOS; I know there are some annoying compatibility issues with Mountain Lion.) Adobe's not really killing Fireworks so much as they've sent it out to pasture (i.e. not developing it), which has been the unacknowledged reality for quite a while now.


          To convert your Fireworks PNGs to Photoshop PSDs, have you tried the Save As command in Fireworks? Choose the ‘Photoshop PSD’ format and click Options for more control over the conversion process.

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            Energize Level 3

            Command to batch convert FW PNGS TO PSDs:


            var fileList = App.chooseScriptTargetDialog(App.getPref("MultiFileBatchTypes"));

            for(a = 0;a< fileList.length;a++){


            var psdFile = fileList[a].toString().replace(/png$/i,'psd');

            var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM();





            Create a file jsf extension named whatever you like e.g. 'Batch FWPNG To PSD.jsf' - copy the  above code into it, then copy the JSF file in to your Fireworks Commands folder. Launch 'Batch FWPNG To PSD' from fireworks commands menu, browse for the FW PNG files, click OK and it will convert them all to PSD.

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