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    Where can I find animations from the instant movie function?

    tmoehlmann1 Level 1

      I would like to use the animations found in the 'instant movie' feature for my video, but I need to do 'manual' since I am messing with the audio and doing two video inputs.  Specifically, I'd like to use the ones inside 'Yearbook' theme....the opening of the locker at the beginning and the moving school bus.   Is there a way to use these for my 'manual' video?    I am using Premier Elements 11.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          After the Yearbook Instant Movie is applied to your Timeine, you can right click the Timeline content and select Break Apart Instant Movie. It will do just that.


          That Opening Locker appears to be part of a .mpg video file that comes with video and audio components at the very beginning of the Timeline. If this is to be used in another project, you will have to export it first and then import that export into the new project. However...


          Is that what you are asking? Or are you asking where to find the file on the hard drive? If so, check out:

          for Windows 7 or 8 64 bit

          Local Disk C

          Program Data


          Premiere Elements



          Movie Themes





          Have you downloaded all the Movie Themes (in particular Yearbook) to your computer direct from the Instant Movie Tab section at the bottom of the Premiere Elements 11 Expert view interface?