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    Flash CS5 exporting issue with particular .fla


      I'm working on a project in Flash CS5 with 4 scenes.  When I test my movie in flash professional, it plays perfectly.  When I export it as a .swf or .mov, the playback is slow and choppy.  My movie is 24fps and I've matched the export fps when trying to make it a .mov.  The only way it plays smooth out of flash professional is when it is published as an .html.  I went back and tried other projects and they export fine.  One thing I noticed when trying to export the .swf is that export process goes extremely quickly like it is not going through all the steps.  The export bar appears for less than a second and then the file is complete, with poor quality. Any ideas on a fix?  I even tried copying it into a new .fla, but it didn't work.