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    DNG files won't open in CS4?


      I recently purchased a Canon 6D camera and want to be able to open my Raw images in Photoshop. I have CS4 which I know is quite old now. I downloaded DNG converter 7.3 which supports my camera but I still cannot open the DNG or Raw files. Actually the DNG files will not even dowload into Bridge. Did I miss a step? In case it is helpful, I'm using a Macbook 10.6.8 with lots of free space.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Have never used DNG but it is not an automatic process.  You have to convert the images and then view them in the DNG folder.

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            First, you should always download the latest version of the DNG Converter.  Currently it is version 7.4.  There's no reason at all why you should be using 7.3 now.


            Once a camera is supported by a given version of the Adobe DNG Converter or of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), it will be supported in all subsequent versions.


            Each version contains unannounced and unheralded bug fixes and improvements.  So, go back and download version 7.4 now.  So you should always update to the last version, which is released in an orderly fashion from three to four times per year.


            Even though it comes with an installer (because it will also install a bunch of camera lens profiles for ACR to use), Curt Y is correct in that the Converter is a stand-alone application that you must launch yourself and then aim it to target a folder where you have your raw files to be converted. 


            The first step in the conversion process is to use a card reader to copy your raw files to your computer.  Then launch the DNG Converter application.


            No, you won't be able to "view" the images in the folder with the converter, but you will be able to see them listed inside the folder.  It works on whole folders not on indivudual files.  You then run the converter and it generates raw DNG copes of your raw files that you can later open with any version of ACR higher than 2.4.


            Good luck.

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              CB102409 Level 1

              Thank you so much! That was so helpful. I just did what you said and it worked. I don't know why I didn't think to actually manually run the DNG converter. Oh and I do have 7.4. That is really what I meant to put. Thanks again!!!

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                Glad to hear it!  Thanks for reporting back.