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    Opening art work


      I cant seem to get art work that I have created to open in illustrator by double clicking. I have to either tell it to open with or to drag it to the program. Does anybody know the fix for this?

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          Mylenium MVP

          Normal file association problems, but since you didn't provide any system information, nobody can tell you exactly. Sounds like Windows, though. In that case eitehr Extras --> Folder Options or Organize --> Folder- & Search Options is your friend... Delete the AI file association, manually reinstate it the next time you double-click a file...



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            mike.steadman Community Member

            Sorry for the lack of info. I am using apple operating software.

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              Larry G. Schneider ACP/MVP

              Select a file with the .ai extension. With the file selected, do a Get Info (Cmd-I) for that file. When the Info window opens, scroll down to the section that says Open with: and use the dropdown to select whatever Illustrator app you have installed. After selecting AI in the dropdown, click the Change All button. Close the Info window.