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    compatibility of cs6 and cc versions


      Just wondering if anyone can help as I've been going around and around on the adobe site trying to work this out and my patience is wearing thin.


      I am the owner of a small business with two complete work stations running Design Premium 5.5

      I have just purchased a third workstation that will be occupied a few days per week, and was initially thinking I'd upgrade to cs6 on the two machines and purchase a new cs6 edition for the third workstation. Until yesterday's announcement of the subscription focus that is.


      I am not terribly interested in going across to subscription for the two workstations that currently have 5.5 on them, particularly because it was a large investment to purchase legitimate copies of the software initially and continue to upgrade them over the years.  It seems like such a waste of money.


      So, I was thinking, if I were to set up the new workstation on the subscription (it seems inevitable that we are being pushed towards this), would my files from the upgraded cs6 workstations be compatible with CC, or would there be issues working back and forth between the two?


      However, it seems like adobe has me backed into a corner. Originally the $2850 investment to have all workstations running on cs6 seemed like a good idea, but with the subscription announcement yesterday I'm not sure whether I'd be throwing money down the drain so to speak. Are the two versions compatible? Am I just best to throw out my perfectly fine design premium 5.5 editions and start again from scratch with the subscription?


      Thanks for any insight or help you can offer.