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    SplitView Transition - Black Box appears on Bottom During Transition


      Hi everyone,


      I've got a weird problem that I could use some help fixing. I've got a splitviewnavigator that has a tilegrid on the left that acts as a "menu" (clickable images). When I click one of these images, the code (see below) pushes in the new view on the right without fault except for one odd issue. When the new view is being pushed in, a black square flashes quickly over the bottom half of the right side view just as the new view gets pushed in.


      Code for view transitions:

      var splitNavigator:SplitViewNavigator = navigator.parentNavigator as SplitViewNavigator;

      var contentNavigator:ViewNavigator = splitNavigator.getViewNavigatorAt(1) as ViewNavigator;



      This flashing black box doesn't affect functionality but it is really unsightly and makes the app look shoddy.